Farmers are the true owners of their produce

Why We Do

Agriculture is a key contributor to India’s development story, where nearly 60 per cent of Indian households are directly or indirectly dependent on it. The sector that qualifies as the largest employer in India faces a plethora of problems such as high cost of cultivation, lack of post-harvest infrastructure, exploitation of farmers at the hands of intermediaries, low price discovery, mounting debts on farmers for the funds borrowed from informal sources of credit, and lack of backward and forward market linkages. These are the leading factors which have pushed 62 million farmers into a vicious debt cycle. Once a farmer falls into this debt trap due to these causes, farming is neither a profitable venture for them, nor it is a sustenance activity leading to the deplorable plight of farmers which has resulted in one farmer committing suicide every 30 minutes.

In India, more than 75 percent of farmers want to quit farming if alternative employment opportunities are made available to them, hinting of a probable national food crisis where not just the 60 percent of population but as much as 1.3 billion people will be severely affected.

In order to avert such a situation, at GramHeet, we are on a mission to build an ecosystem where every farmer cultivates with dignity and feeds the world with pride.

Why We Started From Yavatmal

Currently, we are working with smallholder farmers in the Yavatmal district, Central India. This district is the most distressed agricultural region and has recorded the highest number of farmers' suicides in India. 53% of the 189,000 smallholder farmers in Yavatmal are in a vicious debt cycle.

Learnings from Yavatmal will help us scale up our work to reach the target population of 118 million smallholder farmers across India, who own less than five acres of land.

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