We provide integrated post-harvest services to farmers at their farm-gate

What We Do

GramHeet provides holistic services to farmers at their farm-gate to ensure that farmers’ income increases significantly. We have learnt from experience that stand-alone services are not sufficient to address the complex issues of the agrarian community. Therefore, GramHeet focuses on the following integrated services:

Decentralized Storage Facility

We provide decentralized storage facilities at the village level through smart storage bin in our GramHeet Mandi (Village Trade Center), where farmers can store their produce at affordable costs. Farmers receive a digital receipt against their produce along with a Quality Analysis Report which ensures farmers that their produce is safe and secure with GramHeet.

Post-Harvest Credit

Post-harvest credit is one of the most pivotal factors that addresses the issue of distress selling. We offer instant credit to farmers against the stored produce at GramHeet Mandi (VTC) that helps them deal with immediate cash needs and benefit from the seasonal price increase. Freedom of choice now lies with farmers, making them the true owners of their produce.

Market Linkages

GramHeet has adopted a unique process innovation where aggregation and bulk supply to institutional buyers is made possible, while retaining the individual farmers’ ownership over the produce. Farmers sell their produce directly to the end buyer through a single click on the mobile app. This direct market linkage with the end buyer, shifts the price gain from the intermediaries to farmers and ensures competitive prices.

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