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How We Do

GramHeet proposes an integrated model that aims to provide a one-stop marketplace for farmers at the village level called GramHeet Mandi (Village Trade Center). In this GramHeet Mandi, farmers have diverse choices such as to sell their produce or store it till occurrence of favourable market conditions or even add value through primary processing for multifold returns.

To further bring in transparency and efficiency in the deliverance of these services, we also have a digital platform called GramHeet Mandi App. Through this app, farmers avail any of the following services:

  • Directly sell the produce to the buyers/processors
  • Store produce in a safe environment
  • Receive post-harvest credit against their stored produce

We have collaborations with various Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Village Entrepreneurs (VEs) that lead the GramHeet Mandis at the village level. GramHeet provides them with a package of practices to deliver the bundle of services effectively.

GramHeet Mandi App is a farmer-friendly digital platform that facilitates the services of GramHeet. It not only just offers better prices to farmers but also makes it convenient for them to sell their produce.

My Mandi

Farmers get daily price information of their produce and price trend analysis, based on which they sell their produce through a single click on their phones.

My Godam

Once farmers store their produce in the GramHeet Mandi (VTC), they get a digital receipt against the same. Additionally, farmers also get a Quality Analysis Report of their produce which brings in transparency in the selling process too.

My Credit

When farmers store their produce at GramHeet Mandi, they avail credit directly into their bank accounts at minimal interest rates through our mobile app in a hassle-free way

My Quality Lab

By entering various quantity and quality parameters of a random sample of their produce, farmers can get estimates of the price they will receive for their entire produce on that particular day.

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